QI Pretrial Update

QI Pretrial Update

Quail Invitational Pre-Trial Update:

The pre-trial is full and has been for a while.  We have a bye list going and George Sterner III, 407-738-6881, or Sharron Watson, 863-209-6553, will contact you with your place on the bye list.  We may have you in for some runs, but maybe not for everything you wanted.  Historically, when the trial begins, we will have handlers pull their dogs so there will be other runs becoming available.

For those of you with young dogs not in the QI or pre-trial, there is a double amateur trial on Tuesday, February 19th. Contact Tina Sterner 772-485-9164 to enter.


If you are willing to rent your 4-wheeler for the trial (pre-trial and/or national) please let George Sterner III know.  You will be paid $50 per day for the rental.

Thank you and we are looking forward to everyone getting to Florida.

Remember sun screen!!!


Florida Region Officers