WANTED: A Few Good Leaders

WANTED: A Few Good Leaders


A Few Good Leaders …


Effective with the constitution change approved February of 2002, NSTRA will elect the offices of President, 1st Vice President and Treasurer this year.  These officers will then begin serving their three-year term the Sunday after the annual Dog of the Year Trial.


Selecting the right candidates is very important and is the duty of a nominating committee appointed by the President.  This election year, Greg Wood will be the chairman of our nominating committee and will be assisted by Todd Hendrix, Mike Stotts, Randy Schultz and Jr. Coke.  Below you will find their phone numbers and e-mail addresses in order to contact them regarding running for a position.


If you are interested in becoming a candidate for these elected positions, contact one of these committee members as soon as possible but before May 30.


The official duties of the officers are listed in the Bylaws, but their duties go far beyond what is listed.  Our officers spend considerable time working to improve our organization and most often their effort is little noticed.  The officers meet a minimum of two times each year at the April and October meetings in Plainfield.  They usually plan their meetings around our championship trials so they can reduce the travel expenses and to spend time visiting with our members to learn how to make NSTRA the best it can be. In addition, there are several conference calls and often meetings at other national trials.


NSTRA is always looking for leaders who have the time to donate and have skills that will benefit our organization.  If you would like to be considered, contact Greg Wood or another nominating committee member.  But be forewarned, the officers of NSTRA are required to do real work and lots of it.  Being a NSTRA officer is a huge commitment of time and there is no compensation for any of our officers other than reimbursement for travel expenses to official meetings.  The reward comes from being able to see good ideas blossom into reality and to provide our members the opportunity to enjoy the sport of dog trialing and their membership in NSTRA.


Greg Wood, KY Region                     502-321-1240             gregwood2007@yahoo.com

Todd Hendrix, MW Region               402-618-5152             deckitomaha@aol.com

Mike Stotts, NW Region                    509-468-4957 H         mstotts@nwlbhdd.com                                                                        509-995-6111 C

Randy Schultz, GA Region                770-584-5085             rbjfarm@gmail.com

Jr. Coke, NI Region                            317-339-3552             jr.coke@raysllc.net