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NSTRA Hall of Fame

The purpose of the NSTRA Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor dogs which contributed significantly to the ideals and goals as established under the original constitution and by-laws of the organization.  NSTRA fosters the growth of walking style, quality field trials for all the pointing breeds of dogs.  These field trials effectively extend the activity of upland bird hunting opportunities beyond open seasons for wild birds. 


Recognizing the unique qualities of pointing dogs generally, NSTRA permits entries from among all pointing breeds and eschews bias or favoritism toward a specific breed.  A fair and consistent method of judging provides for equity in competition.  The legacy of great canine competitors of the past is a building block for the future.  Acknowledging excellence in competition is only one component in evaluating a dog worthy of admittance to the NSTRA Hall of Fame. NSTRA has, as part of its mission, a commitment to discouraging nonselective and uncontrolled breeding.  In other words, we desire that the best of the best are bred, producing offspring who also excel in this sport.


In April of 2002, the Board of Directors approved a select group of dogs automatically admitted to the NSTRA Hall of Fame.  The dogs were split into 2 categories, 10 dogs in the pre-1990 category and 10 dogs in the 1990 to present category.  Thereafter, 2-3 dogs are inducted each year based on the non-biased point system in effect when the nomination is submitted.  Specific criteria changes from time to time, but the basics have remained the same:  excellence in the field by the nominee dog and contribution to excellence in a breed as demonstrated by progeny of the nominee dog.


Nominations are accepted from November 1 through March 31 of each year.   Each nomination is scored according to the current point system and the two top scoring dogs are chosen from among the nominations for the award.  To qualify for the NSTRA Hall of Fame, a dog must accumulate 13 points through any combination of the following:


               National Trial Win                          8 points

               National Final Four (2-4)               5 points

               Top Performance Win                    6 points

               Regional Championship                 2 points

               Each 5 NSTRA Championships      1 point


If a qualified nomination is not selected in a given year, the nomination may be re-submitted in subsequent years.


As of 2016, 59 dogs have been accepted into the NSTRA Hall of Fame.  Their accomplishments include the following:

  • 70 regional wins
  • 17 Quail Invitational wins
  • 18 Trial of Champions wins
  • 7 Grand National wins
  • 10 Endurance wins
  • 25 Dog of the Year wins
  • 24 Top Performance wins, and numerous Top 4 placements.

In addition, this collection of dogs have 685 NSTRA championships with 12,473 points (7,497 of which are 1st place points) among them.  This is truly the best of the best, the most elite group of dogs NSTRA has to offer!

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Tuminski's Cribb

John Tuminski - Kentucky Region

"Cribb" Tuminski's Cribb, Owned by John Tuminski of the KY Region #154287 BR/M Sire: Tiger Smoke Dam: Bazooka Brandy's Pride 7xNSTRA CH with 127 points, 88 1st place First Placement 3/1/81 Regional Titles 1981 - Winner, Kentucky Regional Finals 1985 - Winner, Kentucky Regional Finals 1986 - 3rd RU, Kentucky Regional Finals National Titles 1983 - Winner, Trial of Champions 1985 - Winner, Dog of the Year Trial

Tricky Dick Jim

Bill Moore - Mid South Region

"Jim" Tricky Dick Jim, Owned by Bill Moore of the MS Region #1186724 ES/M Sire: Tomoka's Tricky Dick Dam: Pinnacle's Cricket Whelped: 2/8/82 13xNSTRA CH with 244 points, 147 1st place First Placement 10/2/83 Regional Titles 1985 - Winner, Mid South Regional Finals 1987 - 3rd RU, Mid South Regional Finals 1989 - 2nd RU, Mid South Regional Finals National Titles 1987 - Winner, Dog of the Year Trial 1989 - Winner, Quail Unlimited Trial 1989 - Winner, Trial of Champions 1989 - Winner, Endurance Classic Trial 1989 - 3rd RU, Dog of the Year Trial 1991 - Winner, Quail Invitational Trial 1992 - Winner, Trial of Champions

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