2017 Quail Invitational

2017 Quail Invitational

Registration is now available for the 2017 Quail Invitational.  The deadline to register for the 2017 QI is January 3, 2017; entries must be received/postmark by 5pm/est and phone entries are not accepted. 

The qualification period for this trial is November 1, 2015 through October 31, 2016 and this includes all points earned during the time frame except:

  • Points earned from placements in the final “Top 4” of a National championship trial or Regional Championship trial 
    • Points earned from Qualifying Rounds do count
  • Amateur points

No invitations will be sent. Any dog with a placement during the specified time is eligible to enter.  Dogs with the most points are entered first, followed by dogs with successive & declining numbers of points earned during the qualification period.

Click for the entry form:  2017 QI Entry Form